Easy Peasy Parenting Book

I am so excited! My new book Easy Peasy Parenting is ready and available on Amazon.

In the book I explore why our happiness is so important and how to increase  our happiness in the midst of family life.

I share the most useful teachings I have learned from the world of psychology and life coaching.

I explain and demonstrate the simple yet powerful techniques that I use on a daily basis to create the joyful family life I always hoped for.

You will see how you can put them into practice in the middle of your busy life. Lots of examples and anecdotes from my family’s experience will inspire you to try the strategies for yourselves.

Reviews for the book ‘Easy Peasy Parenting’

I have read many parenting books over the years; this book was different as I found it to be an encouragement, rather than a reminder of all the things I do wrong! A good book to read cover-to-cover, or to dip in and out of as I have time. Thank you Mrs. Carter for sharing your wisdom.

With honest and relatable insights into her parenting journey, Jo has addressed many of my own mummy doubts and insecurities. Very well written, with lots of excellent advice.

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There are over 70 chapters arranged into sections including –

Explaining the Theory – Why is Our Happiness so Important;

The Power of Our Thoughts:

Loving Ourselves;

Valuing Our Role;

Loving Our Children;

Loving Life;

Creating Our Ideal Life

Chapters include:

What is Easy Peasy Parenting?

Why is a parent’s happiness so important?

Using our feelings as guidance.

The power of our thoughts.

The value of Unconditional Happiness.

Adjusting to Parenthood.

A less than perfect parent.

Valuing ourselves and our role.

The importance of self-validation.

Loving others unconditionally.

Staying happy when our children aren’t.

Punishment or Preparation.

Accepting ‘What Is’.

An attitude of gratitude.

Strategies to improve your mood in any situation.

Challenging limiting beliefs.

The art of goal setting.

Challenging limiting beliefs.

And many more

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